Bio waste for FREE, which costs a lot …

When you collect a sticker for mixed waste, you will get another sticker for bio waste and sometimes with the words “And that’s free!”. Whenever I hear that there is something for free, or a profitable investment, I focus all my attention and as a representative of Rudna, the issues concerning waste and water management of our town become more important.

Everyone still remembers last year as being an extremely dry year, and except the football field, the grass did not grow anywhere else. Grass makes about 70% of our bio waste. The city of Rudná has about 1.2 million crowns in the budget (so it is not free of charge, moreover we pay CZK 700 for mixed waste per person per year).

All the unknown are known, the grass did not grow, why we pay significantly more than the previous year ?

The number of bio bins is known, the number of waste transports per year as well, and the grass that usually appears in the bins was somehow missing. So where did the calculation error occur and why do we pay more? How is it possible that the city can not multiply the number of bio-bins by the number of waste transports per year (but note that this is certainly not the right approach, because when it is paid, then the amount of waste produced is the important factor, not the number of empty half-empty bins) and “undershot” budget by 439 000 CZK?

Explanation? Nothing …

Neither the secretary nor the mayor was able to explain it to us. “That’s reality!”, shouted city secretary at a request to explain the above-mentioned illogicalities. We were supposed to have submitted this before, and he would have prepared an answer. It was probably based on the fact that nobody was much interested in extraordinary budget measures in the past. The crowning glory was said by the mayor, who tried to “clarify” the fact that there were more leaves!  🙂

And how was the voting?

Just the usual coalition show, which ended without explanation, by voting on the budget measure that contained the above mentioned amount. All of them, except Rudná pro život 2013 representatives, raised their hand FOR this budget measure. One wonders if one of them has stopped to consider the situation! The Financial Committee was silent as well (Mr.Kovacs). Approved.

What is the lesson?

If you lack money, issue an invoice and send it to the city. If you are lucky enough, you will be reimbursed and the budget will somehow cover it. Perhaps by approving an extraordinary budget measure that no one will oppose. Well, no one? … three of them definitely will. 😉



And do we really have to pay for bio waste composition? Report from the site of the composting plant in Chrášťany:

Removal and disposal of biowaste

Company Atea Praha, s.r.o. offers you disposal of biowaste. Our composting plant has a capacity of 8,000 tons/year. Storage of biowaste is without any fees, which normally are 600,00 CZK/t.

…we keep searching for all of us. This year, it will be necessary to prepare public competion on the new service provider and we would be very unhappy if  situation under current terms would continue. 

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